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Our commitment to social justice is a part of who we are. As Episcopalians, we are called to strive for justice and peace, and to respect the dignity of every human being. We work for change towards becoming a world that more closely resembles God’s vision for all people. We collaborate with Interfaith Action of SW Michigan and other Episcopal congregations.  As followers of Jesus, we believe God seeks abundant life for all people; and so we are focused on civil rights, voting rights, LBGTQ rights, and gun safety. Where there is injustice, we seek justice, through action and advocacy. Please join us!

Our pilgrimage to Lansing to meet with state legislators and encourage them to support voting rights for all eligible people.


Nationally, the Episcopal Church has several social justice offices.  Episcopal Migration Ministries works to ensure immigrants and refugees are treated with dignity and respect.  The Episcopal Public Policy Network gives each of us an easy way to become aware of public policy issues that Episcopalians care about and to send advocacy letters to our elected representatives.  We encourage everyone to go to this web page and sign up!  And please visit the Episcopal Peace and Justice Ministries web page to learn about all the other ways the church works to change systems.

If you have a passion for doing more outreach, please visit us, call the church office, or send an email.  We welcome you!

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